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The Port of Sotogrande by day

El Puerto de Sotogrande de día

Located on the Mediterranean coast of the province of Cádiz, the Port of Sotogrande is a marina that is located within the municipality of San Roque in the district of Sotogrande, in Andalusia.

Sotogrande is a port, golf, polo, horse riding, a range of attractions throughout the year, to participate in and witness. A place where you can design the days to your liking. The marina has all kinds of services, hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, gym and beauty centers, among others.

This port, without a doubt, is a mandatory stop for any tourist or boat that is in the Strait of Gibraltar area.

Today, June 1, 2020, we are pleased to welcome you to a new clothing store that opens its doors in the heart of the Port of Sotogrande, ATIPIKA. With more than 300 square meters of premises, ATIPIKA offers a unique experience to buy women's and men's clothing.

ATIPIKA is passionate, elegant, with a modern and fine style that will not go unnoticed in the Port of Sotogrande. Wont leave anybody indiferent. We will give more details of ATIPIKA later.


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